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Juniper the Gooseman
21 November
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  • jdeguzman@livejournal.com
I write fiction and study literature for fun and torture. I also am the editor-in-chief at SLG Publishing, an independent comic book publisher.

Some of my work:

"Rest in Peace," (with Brian Belew), Haunted Mansion #8 (forthcoming)
"Pillage and Plunder," (with Brian Belew) Slave Labor Stories: Too Stupid to Quit, Too Mean to Die
"On Possible Impossiblities," Byline, August 2006
"Panchita's Sea Lion," The Colorado Review, Summer 2006 (Winner of 2005 AWP Intro Journals Award)
"Fancy Dress," Put the Book Back on the Shelf: A Belle and Sebastian Anthology
"Captive," Susurrus, April 2006
"Minx Mouse Monster," Fortean Bureau, June 2005
"Like the Cold If You Were Dead," Ideomancer, March 2005
"A Season in Silence," Strange Horizons, February 2004
"Carnival" (poem), Strange Horizons, January 2004 (Nominated for a 2005 Rhysling Award)
"Counterpoint," Strange Horizons, October 2002 (Received Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 2002)
"Underground," Strange Horizons, March 2001 (Received Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 2001)

You can read my first novel, All We Ever Wanted (Was Everything) at the_zones.

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